Pillow Talk

(5:30am this morning)

Me: “But I don’t wanna go back to that place (ie. work).”

Leslie: “Yeah. Let’s run away.”

Ed: “Where would we go?”

Leslie: “The North Pole.”

Ed: “What would we do?”

Leslie: “Make toys…sing Christmas carols… bake Christmas cookies…kiss under the mistletoe.”

Me: “Sounds nice.”  (I love this woman!)

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Edconomics Lesson #1 : Les Is More

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Why Toesday?

—  By Ed Novick

One of my college buddies recently texted me to ask incredulously, “What the hell is Toesday??”.

My response was simply “Relationship insurance”. 

Of course the answer is much more complicated than that. But it captured what I thought he needed to know.

To expand on the answer gives a little more information about what Toesday is to me. 

I wasn’t always with Leslie. I was married previously. Sadly that marriage didn’t work out. And it was devastating to me.  In the painful throes of the divorce I did everything I could to try to save the marriage. I went to counseling, read books on relationships, went to support groups, went to church, consulted with experts, and tried to learn everything I could to save the marriage … or at least to learn everything I could to make the next relationship as secure as possible so as not to ever feel the pain of that loss again.

One of the simple joys of marriage is touch….loving touch. 

One of the excruciating pains of a failed relationship is being in the desert of deprivation of touch. 

Loving touch is so vital to wellness. 
Going for days, weeks, months or years without it can feel like hell. I was in that desert once. I didn’t know if I would make it out.
But I vowed if I ever made it out and into the wonderful pools of loving touch I would never take it for granted.

Of course keeping the vow came with some responsibilities. It meant being generous with giving loving touch to a partner.

One of the most wonderful examples of loving, caring touch was given by our Lord Jesus at the Last Supper. After that supper Jesus washed the feet of his disciples. And some of the disciples protested not wanting Jesus to touch their feet. They knew their feet were dirty and it was uncomfortable to have someone else care for their dirty, smelly feet. Jesus showed great Love. He loved his disciples as he loves us, right down to our dirty feet. 

I thought if I ever found love again. I would show such love for my loved one. 
Anyone can kiss their beloved’s head. But can you love them so much to care for their feet?

“Toesday” was inspired by those experiences and thoughts, and became a catchy way to make that a reality. 
Toesday is a weekly reminder to not take your partner for granted and to love them deeply and completely. 

Leslie complements my technique in massaging her feet. That’s nice to know that she appreciates my care. 
Hopefully what she’s feeling and experiencing is the deep love and care for her that I feel inside. Hopefully it’s a tangible way of experiencing my love for her. Hopefully it pampers her feet and makes her tingle right up to the top of her head.

We all need deep care. Jesus loves us in this way. He’s not around in person to care for us that way. We need to be the love of Jesus to one another. Caring for our loved ones deeply tenderly and intimately on Toesday, with a foot massage, is just following His example of love. 
You would do well to love your spouse so well, to preserve the loving relationship and to make it last.

Have a happy Toesday!

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– by Leslie Novick

Tuesday has a new name. It’s called “Toesday” at our house. 

What is “Toesday?”


Hump day. TGIF. Meatless Monday and Throwback Thursday.


What about Tuesday? Has Tuesday got a chance?


The answer is yes! Tuesday is no longer a distant contender for those of you who may have missed the memo…Tuesday is… “Toesday”, and it all started when my sweet husband offered me a foot massage after a long day.


It was a Tuesday night as we talked about the happenings of the day. I told him it felt like it should be Friday already, and he said, “I know, but just think tomorrow is Hump day, so just relax while I pamper these tired toes. He squeezed. He rubbed. He massaged and kneaded my feet until I felt a tingling sensation on the crown of my head. Wow! It sure felt nice. I was relaxed. I was so grateful for his tender care and no longer wished Tuesday away. It was like little hugs refreshed my feet, as he tugged each toe. (I had no idea he was so skilled and secretly wondered if he missed his calling as a podiatrist or reflexology therapist.)  


Upon complimenting his techniques, Ed smiled and said, “your feet need some love and after all its “Toes Day” for you, and from now on every Tuesday. It will be something nice to look forward to each week.”


What a blessing to have a caring husband. What a gift to soothe another from the weariness of the day.


Who will you share “Toesday” with this week?

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Apple Pie of My Eye

I had a big disappointment the other day. 

It was only overcome now with the sweetest love.

This morning I was reminiscing how nice a day yesterday was. The weather was nearly ideal. Leslie and I went to the pool and floated around on the lazy river for a couple hours. The sun and breezes kissed our bodies as we floated and rocked with our feet in cooling waters, looking up at an azure sky with wisps of white fluffy clouds sailing around in it. It was wonderful.  

Then we came home and Leslie made dinner while I made a salad. I had salmon with a tangy pico de gallo marinade and sweet roasted vegetables that were delicious. Leslie made herself barbecue chicken.  

We decided to head out for the evening to the Frankfort Bluegrass Festival. There we sat on a bench and people-watched amid the crowd for a long while. Leslie got herself an ice cream cone at a nearby shop. It was cappuccino chocolate. The music was uplifting as it tickled our ears with the sounds of banjos, fiddles and vocal harmonies.

I had the thought to check my Facebook app on my phone to see if any friends were nearby. Lo and behold our friend Marty was up the street above the crowd on a balcony overlooking the square, and with an eagle’s view of the bandshell. We found him and joined him there for a long while, talking, and enjoying the perspective on the sights, sounds and feelings in the cool evening air.

Ed, Leslie and Marty

We got home and I finished eating the fresh apple-pear pie dessert that Leslie had made for me recently. It was so good. I mean SOOO good. If you’ve never had Leslie’s apple-pear pie, you have no idea what you’re missing. Imagine apple pie, but better, without the glop, and seasoned sparingly so you can taste the natural flavors of the apples, pears and hint of cinnamon. Baseball, hot dogs, apple pie and Chevrolet are nostalgic and wholesome American wonders, but Leslie’s apple-pear pie takes the wholesome goodness to a whole ‘nother level. I savored every last bite, humbly appreciating every one, before heading off to bliss.

Leslie’s Apple-Pear Pie

It was a good day … a very good day.

Then, this morning, as we reflected on the wonders and pleasures of the prior day, Leslie shared how she thought to make the pie. She sensed my recent disappointment and was filled with compassion and empathy. She felt that she had to do something to lift my Spirits. So she made the apple-pear pie for me as she knew how much I loved it.

I do. But even so, not nearly so much as that sweet girl who made it for me.

And now as I write this, she is in the kitchen making a new recipe pie that we recently dreamed up – peach-blueberry pie. So I’ve got that to look forward to too.

Oh, the wonders of being with that woman! Thank God for her. 

God is good. Heading to church now to give praise and thanks to Him for all the wonders he shares with me.

Taste and see that the Lord is good!”  -Psalm 34:8

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Fiesta Bowls

Looking for an easy, healthy and tasty summer meal idea?

Here is our newest culinary creation: Fiesta Bowls!

What’s a Fiesta Bowl, you ask?

Think Mexican Fiesta in a bowl.

Combine in a large bowl any combination of the ingredients below…make it how you like it!

: cooked ground beef, ground turkey, chicken, steak, shrimp

Rice: brown rice or white rice

Beans: black beans or pinto beans

Veggies: lettuce, cucumber, avocado, corn, peppers, green onions, red onions

Fruits: tomato, mango, pineapple

Toppings: salsa, sour cream, black olives, shredded cheese, tortilla chips or tortilla strips, pico de gallo, hot sauce, fresh chopped cilantro

Here are some tips for seasoning your meats: with your meat of choice add half a diced onion and sprinkle in half teaspoons of garlic powder or chopped fresh garlic, cumin, Mexican oregano, chili powder, smoked paprika or regular paprika.

This is a great meal for families. Prepare all the ingredients separately and allow everyone to prepare their own Fiesta Bowl with ingredients of their choosing. They will love you for it.

Let the Fiesta begin! Ole’!

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Spring Into Action

Spring is a great time to get moving. Exercise is vital to maintaining one’s health and wellness. As one of Leslie’s doctors says “motion is lotion” for joints. It’s also vital to good circulation and respiration, as well as keeping ones muscles tone and limber.

Here are our top 10 suggestions for working exercise into your life:

Walking – it’s recommended that you get 20 minutes of exercise every day. One of the best ways to do that is walking. We like to walk after eating a good dinner to help promote good digestion. Beside just walking around our own neighborhood, we also like to go walking at some lovely walking paths such as: Lake Katherine in Palos Heights; Messenger Woods in Homer Glen; The Portincula Center for Prayer in Frankfort; and Midlothian Meadows Forest Preserve in Midlothian.

Stairs- climbing stairs is a great way to get exercise into your life. Ed likes to go to the Swallow Cliff Forest Preserve in Palos, IL and climb the stairs there. He also likes to get 15 minutes of stair climbing in during his lunch hour at work, walking in the stairwells of his six story office building.  

Go shopping (no, not to buy things) – the malls are a great place to go walking no matter what the weather is like outside. Some malls allow people to walk around the mall before the stores open. The Orland Square mall is one example. Go to the mall just to walk around no matter the weather outside.

Tennis – we recently rediscovered playing tennis as a couple and as a family. Several of the local area high schools have tennis courts open to the public free of charge. Some even have lighting for playing after dark. Don’t overdo it at first, but get moving and tennis is a great way to have fun doing it.

Go hiking – hiking is a lot like walking…actually it’s exactly like walking…but more adventurous. Starved Rock State Park in Utica, IL is 90 miles southwest of Chicago, and is a great place to hike trails and explore. Hiking is a great way to get some fresh air and take in some beautiful natural scenery.

Gym membership – get a gym membership. There are lots of gyms to choose from. They can be expensive. But if you can afford it, and will use it, it can be money well spent. Gyms have a wide variety of exercise options to choose from: treadmills, ellipticals, stair masters, bicycles, row machines, swimming, wall climbing and weightlifting. Some also offer classes in aerobics, Zumba. Yoga, Pilates, and cycling.

Sports – enjoy your favorite sports and get some great exercise in the process. Here are some suggestions: basketball, volleyball, softball, soccer, swimming, golf and racquetball, just to name a few.

Skating – rollerblading, rollerskating and ice skating are fun ways to get moving. Equipment ownership can be a little pricey, but you can often rent skates at a roller or ice rink for a reasonable fee. You can make an outing of it and have fun doing it with family or friends.

Bicycling – cycling is an enjoyable way to get around and you can get some good exercise doing it. You can cycle in your neighborhood or nearby trails. Bicycles can be expensive, but if you’ll use them, are a good investment.

Swimming – as spring turns into summer, stay cool swimming, and get some exercise in the process. 

Of course, whatever activities you choose, bring and drink lots of water to stay hydrated before, during and after your activities. And take precautions to wear appropriate clothing and equipment for your activities, and stay safe doing them.

Have a wonderful spring and summer!

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