Today is a day we affectionately call Callaversary. Callaversary is the day, four years ago today, that Ed finally mustered the courage to call and ask Leslie out.  

Unfortunately for Ed, Leslie wasn’t home when Ed called, so the experience went something like this, when Ed called and got Leslie’s mom, Sue, on the phone.

Not to worry, despite the failure to connect that fateful day, the story has a happy ending. In the coming days we will share more details of our journey of love. 

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Ed Day In The Life

We are excited to unveil Ed’s latest creative project – an animated short film entitled Ed Day In The Life starring Ed (Ed’s comic counterpart) and Leslie (or at least her comic likeness).  

The animated story shares a sense of what a typical day is like for Ed.  It ranges the emotional gambit from the boredom of routine, to the sadness of leaving the one you love, to frustration and anger at work, to the happiness of a warm homecoming and the ecstasy of love…all with some very funny moments along the way.

We think you will like it and suggest watching it again and again so you catch all the funny expressions and references at the fast and furious finish. And feel free to share it with others and let us know what you think of it.

The video is only 3 minutes long and worth every one of them. Make sure your speaker is on so you can hear the music that helps convey the emotion and the sound effects along the way.

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Random Acts of Kindness Day

Today is Random Acts of Kindness Day! Won’t you join us in celebrating it?

This is a bona fide holiday celebrated widely on February 17th. We won’t be the only ones. For more on this holiday go to:

Kindness is so needed in our world today. Like love, there can never be enough of it.
Ed wrote a nice story on kindness on his blog a while back when he created a new word and founded a new spiritual movement: Kindnessanity. You can read more about it at:

Do a random act of kindness today. Maybe do many of them. It will feel good. You might even find yourself making a habit out of it. Then you’ll be a Kindnessanian like we are.

Have a kind day!

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Nice is NICE

Sorry it’s been a while since our last post. Ed came down with the flu a couple weeks back and is just getting back to feeling well again.  

Ed is very thankful to Leslie for the wonderful care she gave him through his illness. She got him some flu medication from the store. She made him homemade chicken soup. She got him a cool rag to put on his feverish head, and she kept it cool by rinsing it out regularly. It was nice.

This morning’s conversation went something like this.

Leslie: “Tonight maybe I’ll take you out to dinner.”

Ed: “That’s so nice!”

Leslie: “It’s nice to be nice.”
It’s nice to have someone be nice to you. 

And, it’s nice to be nice.

You can’t control when someone is nice to you. But you can control when you’re nice to someone else.

Who can you do something nice for today?

Do something nice for someone else today. The world needs more niceness. There doesn’t seem to be enough niceness to go around. Make more niceness. Produce more nice. Nice is … well, NICE! It feels good to receive niceness. And it feels good to be nice to someone else, whether that someone is your spouse, a neighbor or even a complete stranger.  

In the wise words of Leslie: “It’s nice to be nice!”

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Today we are celebrating 10,000 hours of marriage!

No, we are not counting the hours, minutes and seconds as a sign of any drudgery. 

Quite contrarily, we are celebrating another milestone in our love!

Every day has some reason to celebrate. It makes life more fun.

You can discover milestones in your own life by entering any date into the birthday calculator at the following web site:


Why not go there, enter key dates in your life, and discover special anniversaries of that date that are coming up for you?

Commemorating special days in your life, and the life of your loved ones, is a nice way to show you care and appreciate others in your life.

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Fruit Slushy

We are very health-conscious individuals. We’ve always been our whole lives, and now we help each other make good health choices since our marriage.

One of Ed’s health regimens includes drinking a morning fruit Slushy. It’s a yummy and healthy way to start each day, getting rich nutrients into the body to break the overnight fast and energize for the day ahead.

We thought it would be nice for our readers to share Ed’s usual fruit Slushy recipe in case you wanted to try it and consider making it part of your morning routine for a healthier you.

Ed’s Fruit Slushy

  • Orange Juice
  • Banana
  • Frozen peaches
  • Frozen strawberries
  • Frozen blueberries
  • Optional: powdered soy protein mix with vitamins and minerals

In a blender (or Magic Bullet) combine 2 cups orange juice, half a banana (share, eat or save the other half in the refrigerator for the following day), 3 slices of frozen peaches, 2-3 frozen strawberries, and half a cup of blueberries in blender and blend until smooth with no chunks.   Drink. (Yum!)

For a boost of protein for rebuilding after physically intensive workouts, Ed likes to put a scoop or two of soy protein powder with vitamins. You can get this at Trader Joe or other heath food stores.

You can also try adding fresh fruit for an even tastier Slushy. But the frozen fruit works well and stays fresh longer in the freezer with less spoilage and waste.

Try other flavors of juices (like grape, cranberry, pineapple, or berry) or ingredients like pineapple, raspberry, mango, yogurt, honey or any number of other fruits or vegetables to suit your taste and texture preference.

What combinations are your favorites? Feel free to share yours with us and other readers in the Comments.

Ultimately we care about the health of our family, friends and readers, and will always be encouraging to you in your nutrition and exercise choices. 

Why not Follow our blog and receive future tips shared here?  And share with your loved ones?

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Prayer Coupon

Here’s somethin’ nice for you…a prayer coupon!

There are coupons of some redeemable value for everything under the sun…pizzas, shampoo, batteries, services… Why not prayer?
We offer you this coupon as a twofold offer.

  1. if you clip or copy this coupon, and send it to us, we (Ed and Leslie) will include you in our prayer intentions in the following days.
  2. if you are so inclined, clip this coupon and offer it to others, and offer to do the same for them, by praying for their prayer intentions.

Prayer is a powerful way to let others know we care about them and their concerns.  And we, Ed and Leslie, do.

We can never guarantee what God’s will is for us or others.  But we can always ask our Heavenly Father for what we need, and trust that He who made us, and loves us, and provides for us, will hear us in our earnestness and give us Spiritual gifts to face our challenges.

If you have a need for prayer, send us the coupon and let us know what you need prayer support for. We will be glad to pray for and with you.  You are not alone.

The prayer coupon is a tangible way for us to let others know we care, are with them in prayer, and are willing to petition Our Father in Heaven for Spiritual gifts and graces to endure.

If you are so inclined, why not share this post and coupon with others who you know and offer to pray for them too.

May God bless you always.

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