Ed n Les Possibilities is a way for Ed and Leslie to share endless wells of “Somethin’ Nice” with others.  Whether it be kind words of encouragement, faith, ideas, recipes, how-to’s, or other life enriching stories, you can subscribe to this blog and receive any new blog posts by email.

Nice is nice.  And the world needs more of it.

Ed and Leslie Novick are recent newlyweds.  They both enjoy a love for writing, and spreading kindness and cheer to others. They met at church several years ago and are blessed to have a wonderful church family.

Ed was born in Chicago, IL, to two terrific parents, and raised in a family of faith in God and Jesus Christ in the south suburb of Midlothian, IL. He has three children.  He works in the insurance industry.  In his free time, he likes to make Leslie smile and laugh, write, make comics, exercise and plays in a men’s baseball league.

Leslie was born in Chicago, IL. She has a heart for kids with special needs and works in the field of education. Family has always been important to her as she considers it one of God’s greatest blessings. She is recently married to Ed and gives thanks to God for the promise that came to pass after waiting to be wed to a man of faith. She enjoys cooking, writing, exercising, nature and time with her groom, family and friends when she is not working. She is also a dog lover and hopes to either have a dog one day or volunteer at a pet shelter.

For Somethin’ Nice, the possibilities are Ed n Les!

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  1. Mary Nelis says:

    You kooky kids! I love the idea!! Bob & I share the same passion.


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