First Dateaversary 

Four years ago today we went out on our first date together to a Casting Crowns concert.  That makes today what we call our First Dateaversary.

Casting Crowns had been Ed’s favorite Christian rock band for several years.  Their songs lifted his spirits at some of the worst times of his life.  He got two tickets to the concert and saw an opportunity to ask Leslie out to a special event.  
Little did he know that Casting Crowns was also Leslie’s favorite Christian rock band.

While we were waiting to enter the concert we ran into a couple of friends from church who had better seats than our ticket seating.  

Our friends also had backstage passes, and a couple of extra backstage passes, and invited us to join them to meet the band after the show!

Here we are with lead singer Mark Hall (far right) and other band members (left).  

And here are a few comics that Ed made subsequently that captured the essence of the experience.

Some things you can plan a long time for. 

But even when things work out as well as you could hope for, sometimes God pulls some strings and works them out even better than you could have possibly hoped for.  

About Ed Novick

Ed was born in Chicago, IL, USA with good health to two terrific parents, and raised in a family of faith in God and Jesus Christ in the south suburb of Midlothian, IL. He has a younger brother who is a great guy and was always a good friend (he is now a Roman Catholic priest). He attended private schools and was active in his community. He went to college at Lewis University in Romeoville, IL and graduated with an MBA. He has good friends and a loving extended family. He is married and has three children and lives in Midlothian, IL. Ed works in the Property & Casualty Insurance industry and currently markets business and personal Property & Casualty insurance. He's currently proudly serving as President of the Lewis University National Alumni Association. He doesn't take his blessings lightly and vigilantly does the best he can with the gifts and talents the good Lord blessed him with. Ed's interests include: Property & Casualty Insurance; Leadership: Web Development; Communications; Graphic Design; Personal Development; Networking; Mentoring; Coaching; Sports; Physical Fitness; Touch Football; Over-30 Baseball; Weightlifting; Fantasy Football; Lewis University National Alumni Association; Poetry; Music. For more info: LinkedIn: Blog:
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