Nice is NICE

Sorry it’s been a while since our last post. Ed came down with the flu a couple weeks back and is just getting back to feeling well again.  

Ed is very thankful to Leslie for the wonderful care she gave him through his illness. She got him some flu medication from the store. She made him homemade chicken soup. She got him a cool rag to put on his feverish head, and she kept it cool by rinsing it out regularly. It was nice.

This morning’s conversation went something like this.

Leslie: “Tonight maybe I’ll take you out to dinner.”

Ed: “That’s so nice!”

Leslie: “It’s nice to be nice.”
It’s nice to have someone be nice to you. 

And, it’s nice to be nice.

You can’t control when someone is nice to you. But you can control when you’re nice to someone else.

Who can you do something nice for today?

Do something nice for someone else today. The world needs more niceness. There doesn’t seem to be enough niceness to go around. Make more niceness. Produce more nice. Nice is … well, NICE! It feels good to receive niceness. And it feels good to be nice to someone else, whether that someone is your spouse, a neighbor or even a complete stranger.  

In the wise words of Leslie: “It’s nice to be nice!”

About Ed Novick

Ed was born in Chicago, IL, USA with good health to two terrific parents, and raised in a family of faith in God and Jesus Christ in the south suburb of Midlothian, IL. He has a younger brother who is a great guy and was always a good friend (he is now a Roman Catholic priest). He attended private schools and was active in his community. He went to college at Lewis University in Romeoville, IL and graduated with an MBA. He has good friends and a loving extended family. He is married and has three children and lives in Midlothian, IL. Ed works in the Property & Casualty Insurance industry and currently markets business and personal Property & Casualty insurance. He's currently proudly serving as President of the Lewis University National Alumni Association. He doesn't take his blessings lightly and vigilantly does the best he can with the gifts and talents the good Lord blessed him with. Ed's interests include: Property & Casualty Insurance; Leadership: Web Development; Communications; Graphic Design; Personal Development; Networking; Mentoring; Coaching; Sports; Physical Fitness; Touch Football; Over-30 Baseball; Weightlifting; Fantasy Football; Lewis University National Alumni Association; Poetry; Music. For more info: LinkedIn: Blog:
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